How does this happen? I feel like things are starting to settle down, and I get a wild hair to journey off to a foreign land. Or maybe it's a nudge. I hear a calling to travel, and I have no choice but to answer it. I started meditating about a year ago, but this journey started long before that. A therapist I worked with at one point helped me learn how to listen to my body and listen to my intuition. I did a really good job of suppressing it through the years, but lately I feel like it's time to listen. The other way just wasn't working.

So, it says, "Go to India," and I say, "OK." It started out as a gentle whisper and has grown into a shout anytime I question it. Things happen that scare the shit out of me and I tap back into that place in my heart that says, "Go." Just checking....I hear you loud and clear. It's time. I have no idea why I'm going to India, but I know that I am meant to go there. I also know that once I'm there, I'll know where I'm meant to go next.

You see, I know that there is a physical location out there somewhere that is calling me home. I also know that it's time for me to quit messing around and find it. I know that it will be a place filled with family and friends - my tribe - who live the way I live, whether it's back here or somewhere far away. This is my journey to find home. I have bought a one-way ticket to India. I would love for you to come with me!

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