I think by now, most of us have heard about light and dark. A lot of people look at darkness as a bad thing, and try to eliminate it from their life. Have you ever heard the phrase, “what we resist persists?” It’s a thing! I’m learning that it’s really all about balance. As human beings, we have a tendency to exist in a dualistic environment. We’re taught from a young age to be good, do good, be more like Suzy So-and-So, be more like your sister, don’t do that!, etc. I think I could go on for hours about this, but I won’t. You probably get it, because I know I’m not alone in this.

There’s darkness. It exists. We have to love it as much as the light or it will take over. Lighting up those dark places can be scary, though. It can bring up stuff for us that may push some buttons. When we start to light up, we have to see those things so that we can heal them, and healing them is all about bringing them into the light and looking at them and saying, “Hey, you’re not so bad.” I’m saying all of this to say that the healing path is not always an easy one. If you want to be lighter, though, and you will, it’s totally worth the ride! So, now let’s talk about the light.

This is the season of light, right? There are lights everywhere you look right now! Christmas lights, spotlights, stars, moon, the sun, the obvious ones that are there all the time, and then there’s that northern star, the one that led the 3 wise men to the manger. We can see them everywhere, right? What about your light, though? If you’re like a lot of Americans I know, in this season of giving, maybe you give too much of yourself and you’re not replenishing it. Your light gets dim or even goes out, and you have to spend days on the couch or in bed recharging in order to get back out there and “do” your regular life.

Well, it’s time for that to change! I’m going to share something with you that I’ve been practicing for several years now that has changed my life. You can do this in the morning and anytime throughout the day you’re feeling drained or depleted. It’s all about connecting to the Source. What is the Source, you may ask? I’ve gone through several iterations of what Source means to me. I grew up Catholic, so Source was in the rituals. It was in the Bible. It was named God. For me, it was an empty label that didn’t mean a whole lot in the scheme of things. I went through the motions, but I didn’t feel anything when I was in church or saying Our Father or any of the other mindless tasks they assigned me in mass on Sunday or in Sunday School. As I got older, I went away from the church. I rebelled against any sort of organized religion. I didn’t understand it, and I didn’t need it in my life.

When I started practicing my yoga, though, I started to find the meaning behind the word God. I still resisted God for a few years after I started my practice, but it didn’t seem to trigger me quite so much. I gave God a different name, well, several different names, actually. I wanted to call Source anything but the judgemental God that I knew as a child. Then, I started to realize that the God I was taught about as a child, the one that places judgement on us and tells us whether we are good and bad, that God was created by human minds to keep us in line, to make us choose the “good” path, to make us mindless slaves to a system that was serving a minority instead of serving the general population. When I put aside the beliefs that had been handed to me about God, I actually fell in love with God in a way that I never knew God before. I started to recognize God in myself and in everyone around me. When I went to India, I got to see many representations of God in all of the deities. They are all pieces of Source, giving us a visual representation of what we are or what we can be. We get to choose.

So, when I talk about God here in these 12 days of holiday peace, if it triggers you, I’m sorry. I’ve been where you are. I get it. Please feel free to replace the word God with whatever it is that you identify with – Source, Universe, Spirit, Yahweh, Jesus Christ Our Savior, whatever representation suits you, please use that.

Ok, so now let’s bring in the light! All of this discussion has been leading us to this point. Bringing in the light is nothing more than connecting to Source, connecting to your God power. God is the Source of all that we are and all that we have, so when we are connected to God, we are serving our higher purpose. God will never leave us feeling depleted unless we don’t ask for help. We all have free will. We all get to choose whether we stay connected or not. So, in this exercise, we’re going to connect. We’re going to imagine that Source being a big light up in the sky that we can bring down into our body. It is a never-ending stream of light that as long as we stay connected to it, we can just enjoy the ride.

In this exercise, we’re going to imagine that beautiful golden white light streaming down into the crown of our heads. As it comes down into and courses through our bodies, it will dissolve any tension, any cloudiness, any uncertainty. It will give us enough to get us through whatever we encounter in this holiday season. So, head on over to Facebook Live this afternoon, and I’ll walk you through an exercise to bring in the light.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I’m so grateful that I can share these tools with you that I’ve learned. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me in my lifetime!

I bless you with the peace and ease you need in this holiday season.

Much love,

Emily Rose

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