I’m going to talk energetically for a second, so if you don’t relate to that, I give you full permission to skip on ahead. The energy during the holidays can be a bit frantic. It’s a high vibration time of year, and if you’re not used to that, it can get you a little flustered. You might feel your energy scatter with all of the things you have to do or people you have to take care of or parties you have to go to. When that happens for me, the first thing that happens is that my energy gets floaty. It’s almost like it breaks into a million pieces and scatters outside my body. For me, as an empath still learning boundaries, that happens even when I’m around people who are having that experience. As soon as I notice this happening, I find a quiet spot to get grounded. There are several different ways to do this, and I’ll discuss each of them a little bit here.

Physically Touch the Earth

I think most of you are probably familiar enough with the electrical system in your home to know that there are circuits that run to each of the plugs, switches, appliances, etc. and then the whole system has a wire that runs from the circuit breaker and is buried in the ground outside your home. What this does is basically takes any excess current from the system and runs it down into the earth to neutralize it so that it doesn’t blow up your appliances. Our bodies work on a similar system! Back in the good ole days, we used to run around barefoot, where we were always connected to the earth. We always had a way to discharge our excess energy from our body, because we were always connected. We were always grounded. Now, we wear shoes and walk on concrete or asphalt and we’re never fully connected with the earth. So, the easiest way to discharge some of this excess energy that we accumulate during the holidays is to go outside and put your bare feet on the bare earth. Find a grassy spot and walk on it. If you’re in a place that’s freezing cold right now, just take your socks off and walk around the house barefoot for a little bit. When you’re doing this, really feel your feet connect to the earth or to the floor. Notice what happens with your energy level when you do this.

If you’re a gardener, digging your hands in the dirt is also a great way to physically ground yourself. Again, if it’s cold outside, find a place inside to play with some potted plants. Smell the dirt, really feel it between your fingers. Use all of your senses to have this powerful, grounding experience!

And one more grounding practice that I’ve encountered is planting your feet firmly on the ground, a little more than hip width apart. Press down into the ground as if you’re getting ready to jump, and then instead of jumping, push your feet outward, almost like you’re standing on a rug and trying to pull the rug out to either side. Do this several times and just notice how you feel.


If you’re not good at visualizing, just ignore this little bit. I have a friend, for example, who doesn’t see things in her mind’s eye, so when I used visualization techniques with her in the past, she just got frustrated. It is totally not worth getting frustrated, y’all! That is actually the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish here, right?? So, if you know visualizations work for you or want to give it a shot, take a minute to find a spot where you can close your eyes and feel safe. Put your feet flat on the ground or sit cross legged, close your eyes and imagine that all of your energy that has been split into a million different directions comes back into your body. Then, imagine that you are growing roots down out of your feet if they’re flat on the ground or out of your sit bones if you’re sitting cross legged on the floor. I like to coordinate my breath with this action, for example, inhale and feel the energy ground down into your feet, exhale and feel the roots grow down deeper into the earth. Grow them all the way down through all of the layers of the earth and then wrap them solidly around the core of the earth. Once they’re wrapped, imagine a grid growing out to either side and fully enveloping the entire earth, giving you a network of roots that can stay with you no matter where you travel for the holidays.

Another visualization that one of my teachers shared with me is imagining that your sit bones are the prongs on an electrical plug and imagining that by sitting on the earth, you literally “plug” yourself into the earth, like you’re plugging into an outlet. Once you’ve done that, feel the energy exchange between yourself and the earth, just like electricity coursing through the wires of an appliance.

I believe that we are here on earth as a conduit between heaven and earth. Our souls are inhabiting these bodies in order for us to have these experiences as we learn and grow. These first two tools are allowing us to maintain balance in our bodies, connecting to heaven by bringing in the light and then connecting to earth by grounding. Once we’ve done both of these things, we can anchor the healing energy of mother earth and source in our heart space to live a more full life. This will allow us to be more present for ourselves and our families and friends through this holiday season and will also keep us happier and more calm, knowing that we don’t have to do it all ourselves. We have so much support from heaven and earth, just like everyone else we interact with. Connecting to that power allows us to rest into that support and connect with each other in a more calm and loving way.

Now, head on over to Facebook Live for a guided visualization on grounding!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I’m so grateful that I can share these tools with you that I’ve learned. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me in my lifetime!

I bless you with the peace and ease you need in this holiday season.

Much love,

Emily Rose

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