A lot of what we’ve done already could be considered meditations. If you’re already practicing meditation, keep it up! If you’re not and want to start, I’ll share some of the ones that I’ve learned. There are so many different ways to meditate. You can meditate silently or use a guided meditation. You can meditate solo or in a group. You can meditate in a box. You can meditate with a fox. Oh, wait! Sorry, got off-track. I think you get the picture, though. Meditation is as versatile as green eggs and ham. Meditation in and of itself is about removing yourself from the thoughts you’re having, allowing those thoughts to happen without you and then observing the thoughts and the silence in between thoughts. As you practice, the silence between the thoughts will get longer, your mind will be more quiet and you will likely feel more at peace. The function of the mind, after all, is to serve the heart, and how can it do that if it’s got so much going on in its own life?

I’ve heard so many people say that they can’t meditate because they sit down and immediately start thinking about their shopping list or to-do list or the way their butt looks in their new jeans. In case y’all didn’t process what I just said, it’s not about not having these thoughts. It’s about not letting them rule your life. Have the thoughts. Acknowledge the thoughts. Laugh at the thoughts if you must and then let them go. I love the idea of imagining the thoughts are little clouds that float through your mind, and you’re just watching them. I’ve also had teachers say that you can hang each of your thoughts on hangers at the door and pick them up at the end of your meditation. They may not seem as important at the end of meditation, though.

Let’s get on to the different types of meditation! Please note that this is in no way a comprehensive list. It’s just the ones I’ve used and identified with.

Guided Meditations

There are so many guided meditations out there that you shouldn’t have any problem finding one to help you wake up in the morning, help you get to sleep, help you wipe your butt, help you become a better golfer, whatever it is that you’re wanting to do, I guarantee you there’s a meditation out there for it. That said, some are more helpful than others when it comes to relaxing. Some of my favorite recorded meditations come from Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer. There are also a lot of meditation apps out there that offer recorded meditations. The one I use is Insight Timer. I use it for the timer, but I know there are a lot of guided meditations on there as well.

Mantra Meditation

We talked about mantras on the Eighth Day. There are so many you can use for meditation, and you basically just repeat the mantra either until it goes away into silence or until your timer goes off. The mantra can be as simple as Om Shanti Om. You can also receive a customized mantra that is based on your time, day and location of birth. This is basically the sound that the universe was making at the time of your birth, so it helps you align to your true self, your highest self. I received my mantra almost a year ago and have loved meditating with it.

Moving Meditation

This can be any type of movement that is done slowly, deliberately and mindfully. I love, love, love moon salutations because for me, they become moving meditations. You can also do walking meditations, where you walk the same path mindfully and are able to tune into your self while you’re walking. Whatever movement you choose, do it in a place free of obstacles so that you can allow yourself to melt into the yummy goodness of the movements.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I’m so grateful that I can share these tools with you that I’ve learned. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me in my lifetime!

I bless you with the peace and ease you need in this holiday season.

Much love,

Emily Rose