I realized that I could not finish this out without talking about oils, crystals and some of the other things I use to activate my senses and help me relax. So, here goes!


There are so many oils out there that have so many different things. The best oil I’ve found for relaxing is lavender oil. There are a lot of options out there even for lavender oil, though, so find the one that your body responds the best to, and go with it. It might be the cheapy bottle from the store. It might be one from your favorite DoTerra or Young Living rep. It might even be one that your good friend, who is an herbal specialist has prepared for you. There are different blends you can try, too, that have lavender in them. Or maybe lavender isn’t the one that relaxes you. It might be peppermint or this time of year, Thieves/OnGuard is pretty amazing. You can diffuse them. You can rub them on your skin. If you find a good, food grade oil, you can put it in your water or tea. Do what works for you. Every body is different, so everyone is going to respond to this in a different way. If you don’t know what to get or where to get it or have your own DoTerra or Young Living rep, let me know. I can hook you up!


How amazing is it to sit down with a piping hot mug of tea?? It doesn’t even have to be a relaxing blend for me, just the act of having a mug of something warm in my hands this time of year lifts my mood. Visit your favorite coffee or tea shop or just enjoy a mug at home. If you are venturing out, there are some really great tea shops out there now that are making some really great relaxing blends. My personal favorite is High Garden Herbs on Woodland in East Nashville. They have so many amazing blends that I’m not even going to start to list my favorites. Go. Tell them what ails you. They have a blend for it, I’m sure.


No matter what’s going on with you or where the energy is feeling stuck, there’s a crystal for that. You can wear them, carry them in your pocket, or have them sitting on your altar at home. Go into your local crystal shop and explain to them what you’re needing. They can help you pick out the best crystal for what you need. My favorite shops in Nashville are Nashville Crystal Store or Cosmic Connections in Nashville.

Angel/Goddess Cards

Something else I’ve gotten into for when I’m feeling stuck is angel cards. They’re similar to tarot cards, but with only positive messages. I love just asking them what they want me to know today and pulling one. It’s always fun to see what comes out and how it applies to my day, and it’s also a great way to validate some of the messages that you might be receiving without realizing what’s happening.

I could go on and on with some of the amazing things that I’ve found that have helped me with my anxiety and depression, but I’m going to stop now. Please reach out if there’s anything I can help you with this holiday season. I am here for you. I have been where you are, and if I haven’t, I’m happy to sit with you in it for a minute or two. We’re never alone in what we’re going through. We are loved beyond belief.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I’m so grateful that I can share these tools with you that I’ve learned. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me in my lifetime!

I bless you with the peace and ease you need in this holiday season.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Much love,

Emily Rose