I told you I'd write, and I am! It's just a little slower than anticipated. I had no idea my days would be so full. They were the heart filling kind of full, though. So, here's travel Day 2 a few weeks later. And here's to catching up! :)

So, on day 2, we woke up at 4:45 to catch the 5:30 shuttle. Mind you, we were in Chicago in January and we had packed light for our journey to India, where it's been in the 70's and 80's. I did not bring a coat. Never even considered it. Actually, I had one on in the car on the way to the airport in Nashville and confidently tossed it into the trunk as I was dropped off saying, "I won't need this where I'm going." Final destination, no, but who knew I was going to be spending nights in Chicago and London?? So, as we walked out the door of the hotel into the 23 degree air, I was wishing for that coat.

We got through security super fast and when we got to the gate, I settled into my little chair for my morning meditation. Considering the chaos of the airport, I sank in pretty deeply. When the bell went off, I opened my eyes to a beautiful sunrise over the tarmac, and I heard my name being called over the speakers. Somewhere in the transfers between airlines, my passport had fallen out of the system, so I had to have my passport rescanned.

We finally got on the plane to London, which boarded and departed right on time. Once we were up in the air, they started meal service for breakfast, and when they got to me, they didn't have a dairy free meal for me because of the transfers and delays. I hadn't even thought to transfer that information! I knew there was a reason I packed about 10 protein bars and snacks.

Oh, and the other amazing thing about my new travel buddy was that she was a window, and I was an aisle. A match made in heaven! As we settled into our seats, we got out our neck pillows, snapped a couple selfies and sank into the seats for the flight.

I was sick to my stomach for a lot of flight, and I never was sure if it was because of the lack of food, nerves or if it was someone else's (the dangers of being an empath with boundary issues). They did end up scrounging up a vegan dinner for me before we landed. It was a delicious red curry, that felt perfect for where we were heading.

When we landed in London, we headed for the baggage terminal and waited. And waited. And waited. Our luggage didn't make it to London with us. When we talked to the baggage attendant, he informed us that we wouldn't be able to file a claim until we got to our final destination. We had 16 hours between our missed flight and the one we departed on, and it never even occurred to us that our bags wouldn't get transferred over in that amount of time.

We hopped on a shuttle to the Renaissance Heathrow to spend the night, again courtesy of American Airlines due to the late flight from Nashville to Chicago. This time, not only were we on the correct shuttle to the correct hotel (Woohoo!), but we also decided on separate rooms this time. This turned out to be an interesting turn of events because I got weepy as soon as I settled into my room and had some time alone. Michelle and I had attached to each other pretty quickly when we met and became best of travel buddies as we ran through Chicago O'Hare together, so this separation caused a little bit of anxiety. Not to mention that this was the first time I'd had alone since I left everything I knew on a one-way ticket to India, so the emotions came flooding in. Lucky for me, we managed to get adjoining rooms, so after giving ourselves some space for a few hours, we decided to open up the door between the rooms and leave it open for the night.

At some point, we logged on to the American Airlines website and found out that our luggage was still in Chicago. Mind you, for me, this was not a huge deal for me, because I had packed enough in my carry-on to last the first two weeks of the tour. You see, I had a message come through during my morning meditation the week before that I needed to pack a little extra in my carry-on luggage. That was confirmed when I went to my yoga class the next day and Jess called me after class to say, "I'm getting this really strong message that I needed to share with you that you need to pack extra clothes in your carry-on." Thank you, Universe, for that very clear message! Michelle, on the other hand, hadn't gotten that little bit of knowledge passed along to her, so she had packed light, hence the clothes washing/drying station in the hotel room.

After seeing the success that Michelle had in washing her clothes in the sink, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to wash the clothes I'd been in for two straight days, so I washed my long sleeved shirts to wear to the airport the following day and set about drying them with my blow drier. Since we were in London, we had the most adorable little tea station, so we settled in with some ginger tea, watched a little London news and tried to decide if we wanted to go anywhere before our flight left the following afternoon. We decided to just have a slow easy morning instead before finally going to our separate rooms (with the door still open) for bed.

As I started to settle into my bed, I realized that the pillows were feather, and since I already had some sinus funk going on, I decided not to risk the snotty nose and swollen eyes that came with sleeping on feather pillows. Since it was so late and I was exhausted, I opted for sleeping on my neck pillow instead of calling the front desk for a different pillow. It turned out to be pretty cozy, although I definitely wouldn't want to do it every night!

Goodnight, London! Goodnight, family! Goodnight, moon! <3


Sunrise at O'Hare


Does this travel pillow make my neck look fat??  Thanks, Shaleen! I love it!


Me and Michelle