After a good four hours of sleep, I woke up early to meditate and do my yoga before breakfast. It's a daily habit that keeps me in check in so many ways that I refused to give it up while traveling. Plus, it felt oh so good to relax into my sacrum after the long flight the day before. Since we had decided to have a nice, slow morning, I took a long shower that felt oh so luxurious after a couple days of travel. I forewent the shower the day before in Chicago since we had to be at the airport so early for our 8 am flight.

We barely made it down to the international breakfast that was included with our stay at the Renaissance, and had a delicious, hearty British breakfast that was absolutely delicious and took our sweet time getting ready and getting down to the lobby to wait patiently for our shuttle back to Heathrow.

The gentleman at the British Airways ticket counter was super nice, but not at all helpful when we asked about our luggage and just told us to get on the website and contact the airline through the website to find out where our bags were. Since neither one of us had an international data plan, that would have to wait until we got to the gate and got on the airport wifi. We took our time getting to our gate and Michelle did a little shopping at the duty free shops on our way to the gate, getting some odds and ends that she needed that she had packed away in her larger suitcase in anticipation that it may be a few days before we saw our luggage again.

We got to our gate with plenty of time to spare and settled in for a wait. I was a little nervous about this flight, because I had been told that it may be a little stinky, and I'm pretty sensitive to smells when I'm nervous and have a nervous stomach. It really wasn't too bad, though, when we finally got on. Michelle and I were separated on this flight, and it was a little ironic that she got an isle seat, and I got a window. If you'll remember, she's a window, I'm an isle, making us the perfect travel pair! I almost offered to trade with her, but decided not to for some reason, which we'll get to later. 

We finally got on our flight and my window seat was next to a super nice British couple. It was actually a little fun listening to them chatter away, and I fell asleep almost as soon as we boarded the flight anyway.

The meal service came around pretty early in the flight, and they all but yelled at me for not reserving a vegan meal prior to the flight. Shit! I had forgotten again! Apparently, they don't carry extras, so I was shit-out-of-luck when it came to food for the flight. With tears in my eyes, I informed them that I had vegan meals reserved on my original flight and had been transferred so many times that it apparently didn't come with me. Just like my luggage, but don't get me started on that...

They brought me out a tropical fruit cup that I eyed skeptically before opening. Refer back to the nervous stomach and window seat, not a good combination for eating fruit for me. I chowed down on the pineapple and left the chewy mango and cantaloupe alone. Then I cracked open one of the Lara bars that I had the forethought to bring with me. I then proceeded to watch a couple of movies, listened to some music, and did my jet lag meridian alignment tapping. I didn't really sleep again for the rest of the flight and at one point almost had an anxiety attack when I had to go to the bathroom and both of the British couple were sleeping. I breathed a sigh of relief when the woman finally woke up and asked her hubby to get up so that she could go to the bathroom. I jumped up out of my seat with the enthusiasm of a puppy whose owner had just opened the door and made a beeline for the bathroom.

At one point, I heard a gentleman singing like he was drinking in a bar somewhere behind me. When I turned around to look, I realized it was the guy sitting next to Michelle. Not long after that, the flight attendant was leading Michelle toward the front of the plane. She ended up in front of the business class section. I thought that my earlier manifestation of a first class seat had panned out for her for a minute and was so excited for her! Actually, I cussed a little bit that she was getting one and I wasn't, but eventually, I really was excited for her. I mean, she totally deserved first class after dealing with the drunk Irishman for so much of the flight. Apparently, he had managed to sneak on some whiskey in his water bottle and ended up throwing up before the end of the flight.

I started getting antsy with about 3 hours of the 10 hour flight remaining and had to get up and stretch and walk around. I felt a lot better after that, and managed to sit for the rest of the flight. The second meal service, they tried to serve me something with dairy again. I calmly (not really) reminded them that I couldn't have it and ate a bar instead. It was all I could do not to bite the poor flight attendant's head off when she tried to offer me a vegetarian meal explaining that I may be able to just eat the rice and scrape the other stuff to the side. Grrrrr....not cranky at all after three days of traveling...

Our arrival into Chennai airport was early in the morning on our fourth day. More to come!


The shuttle to our terminal in Heathrow  


We finally arrived in Chennai thanks to a little help from our friend.  I love that they greet you in the airport with all of the deities!


It was so good to see a familiar face after all that travel! 

The view from our hotel in Chennai where we arrived early on the 4th day of travel and got to rest a little, showered, ate and yogaed before checking out around noon to head to Mammalapuram.

The view from our hotel in Chennai where we arrived early on the 4th day of travel and got to rest a little, showered, ate and yogaed before checking out around noon to head to Mammalapuram.


I can't resist a spiral staircase. At the heathrow terminal. 


How could I have forgotten all the yummy Cadbury chocolates in England?? 


And because...roses... 🌹❤