Dr. Sathyan Gopalan, a.k.a. ‘Satya,' is a businessman and philanthropist with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Satya has an American Hotel and Motel Association Degree in Catering Technology, a Masters in Yoga and Naturopathy, and a PhD in Psychosomatics. His involvement in the hospitality industry goes back 20 years to when he founded Sunshine Café in Tiruvannamalai in South India. Since then, he has founded Tiruvannamalai’s most popular boutique hotel, Sunshine Guesthouse, which caters to a Western audience.

Satya also serves as a Director at the Sri Ramana Maharishi herbal remedies in Tiruvannamalai and is also the founder of the Global WATCHE Trust in India and is also founder of a web development company, Levicent.

With homes in both India and Nashville, Satya is a jet-setter and makes frequent trips to India to take care of his guest house and various charitable endeavors. His broad travel experience and background living in both India and America positions him perfectly to understand how one culture can influence others. His interpersonal skills with people from all countries and all backgrounds give him a unique insight into customer service.

Satya and eDESIa are the perfect fusion of East and West mixed in with a healthy dose of love and genuine concern for others. This quote from Satya sums up his life policy in one sentence:

“Always everyone’s happiness first and before mine,

that is MY happiness. Help All and Serve All.

All Happens By Itself .”